Music Video - Selena Gomez (Come And Get It)

inspired on timeerasingyou drawings

She’s #confident🙊 oh no no oh no no…🎶

Simple Digital Coloring Tutorial 

13 Blending and Texturing Brushes by god-head on deviantART

Here are the brushes I use on photoshop for the coloring and blending in general!

ok ok ok so I guess the video works for everyone now I’m just gonna post it here again<3


 itslopez Upside down again because the app i have to edit vids sucks #itsbetterqualitythough #harry {x}

 (requested by anon :3)

Selena Gomez in Marchesa at the MTV EMA’s 2011.

The Hippie Movement ( x )

so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but I couldn’t pick a drawing to re-draw and someone on tumblr suggested me this one and welllllllllllllll

it’s been quite an improvement omg hasn’t it

"The Hippie Movement - An archive made by Laia Lopez" - {x}

Return to the sea🌊 #wip

Hello! Commissions are open again! I finally have some holidays and I don’t start uni until february which means more time to draw! Anyway, the prices and the examples are in the pictures above!

The price list has been updated as I realized that there’s a lot more time and effort put into all these drawings than I thought, I try my best to improve and make it the best for you guys!

And like I said, if there’s something you’d like in a style that’s not in the pictures, just let me know and we’ll talk about the price and stuff.

The payment is via paypal (I know the prices are in USD but if you want to know how much is it in your currency just check it out here  » ( x )

Thank you so much for everything guys♡

itslopez Almost done?#frozen  - {x}


omg well yeah i have some sketches

Drawing some Jelsa❄️